Appointment registration for the ticket office in Kodály Centre

Dear Audience!

On behalf of the personnel of Zsolnay Heritage Management Ltd, the Pannon Philharmonic and Filharmónia Magyarország, we would like to thank you for registering for an appointment at the ticket office of Kodály Centre to minimize queues.
Please, be informed that the ticket office of Kodály Centre is CLOSED at weekends for an undetermined period of time, and the snack bar is closed at all times. Washrooms can be used as long as hygiene rules are adhered to.
Masks covering your mouth and nose must be worn during the period of the pandemic. Only as many people may be present in the closed area between the entrance door and the ticket counter that a distance of 1.5 m distance can be kept between them.
The registration helps to ensure that only 15 people should come to the two ticket counters in a given one-hour time slot.
You can arrive anytime during the one-hour time slot and you can go up to the counter as soon as the visitor who arrived last before you has left.

Please, be aware that depending on the type of your individual or season ticket, you may have to go up to both counters, but no double registration is necessary. Thank you for your understanding!

The refund of tickets purchased online from Jegymester ( can be requested via email to

Should you have further queries, please contact our helpline at +36 72 500 300.


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Privacy: Your email address will be automatically eliminated after the registration confirmation email has been sent out. Your name can be accessed exclusively by the ticket office staff of Kodály Centre, which will be automatically eliminated the day after your appointment date.